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During regular business hours (PST) you may reach us at (650) 289-3167 (tel) if you have any problems or questions.

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  • Registration
    If one of your links to our site is coming from a page that already talks about the benefits of joining FriendFinder, simply add +reg to the end of your linking URL.
  • Browse
    Send users directly to the browse page. To send traffic directly to the browse page, simply add +browse to the end of your linking URL.
  • Search Results (Geo Targeting)
    Improve your traffic dramatically by sending your users directly to the people they want to see. Geo-Targeting links banners to specific search results as directed by you, taking your users to the exact member types they're attracted to, boosting their interest, our signups, and your payouts!

    To use Geo Targeting, start with the base URL:
    The region arguments that can be called are:
    &geo=city,state (all states are abbreviated)
    &country= (default country is United States)
    &zip= (use a 5 digit US zip code)
    &show_city=1 (show the city name instead of the country in the search results title. e.g. "Women Seeking Men near Sunnyvale")

    New! Now you can have us serve up local search results based on your visitor's IP address. Just add:
    &ip=auto (automatically set the city and state from the user's IP address)

    The Age arguments is &age, and can be set for either a specific age (&age=25) or for an age range (&age=25-35)
    Gender arguments are set with Female as the default on all sites, save Outpersonals (defaulted to Male). The argument for gender is &show. The gender codes are;


    The argument can be set to send the visitor to see a particular list of members (&show=F for Females) or you can create a more specific search based on what our site members are looking for, i.e. &show=F-M will create a search result featuring Females who are seeking Males. The default for the "looking for" category is Male on all sites.

    If your customers are primarily 20-35 year olds in California, you might use the code;