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Brokers: Earn 10% on affiliate referrals on Jewish FriendFinder

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We're happy to announce a bonus program for brokers who get webmasters to link to Jewish FriendFinder. Just fill out this form and we'll give you a signup link to promote. When a webmaster uses your link to signup to advertise Jewish FriendFinder, we'll pay you 10% of all the commission that the webmaster gets.

What Webmasters get:

We have the highest paying personals programs for webmasters. They make $2.00 for each FREE signup. We issue checks once on the first of each month with a $50 minimum. We also have lots of great pulling banners.


You can not be a broker for a site that you operate. You'll need to signup your sites directly at If you try to earn 10% on your own commissions, we'll have to terminate both of your accounts unpaid.

To participate, fill out this form. The next page will give you the HTML link to put in your web site. You can define a password to view your referral logs. If you forgot your site id, just type in your site URL and click the button.

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Anti Spamming Policy!
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Affiliate Program Agreement
Any site found cheating or spamming email or newgroups will be banned from the program immediately and not paid.