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During regular business hours (PST) you may reach us at (650) 289-3167 (tel) if you have any problems or questions.

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"I've been with Jewish FriendFinder for over 3 years. They have NEVER missed a check, nor have they ever been late. I can ALWAYS reach my customer service rep and the one thing about their content that is different from EVERY other paysite out there is that it's DYNAMIC and always changing every single day. Their data base is large enough that no matter where you live in the world there are people that live near you listed on the system. Surfers can SEE THIS before buying"

- StreamDream
"For over a year I have sent my targeted traffic to Jewish FriendFinder. It's not always easy to find a reliable partner on the internet with respect to affiliate programs, as many programs will attempt to cheat you at every turn. For example, my good friend who is also a prominant webmaster recently had to involve the FTC and the FBI to force his advertisers to pay his earned affiliate commissions. In contrast, Jewish FriendFinder has always paid on-time, and if there is even the slightest problem with anything concerning affiliates, the Affiliate Team will have an explanation and a fix sent to my e-mail before I have a chance to be concerned. I constantly get solicitations by dozens of other affiliate programs, but I lucked out from the beginning in my correct choice of Jewish FriendFinder. While my friend is on the phone with the Feds trying to get other programs to pay him, I can sleep well at night knowing Jewish FriendFinder will take care of me. They are one of the few companies that understand the value of the work many of us do to keep them on top of their field. Oh yeah...the holiday gift baskets are nice too! Thanks Jewish FriendFinder Affiliate Team!"

- anonymous but faithful webmaster